As Valentine's Nears

by CathyButterflyJC   Feb 14, 2012

[To all those lonely girls out there. It's gonna be okay, you'll get over this hurt and consistent ache, even if it is not just for one day. Remember God loves you, and he'll brighten each day in so many ways. His light is shining, half hidden away, take the time to look for it someday. You'll find a way, love comes and goes in the world every day. I forget this so many days as well, but if I let myself think, not totally of him, I see it too, I know it's true.]

As Valentine's Nears,
I cry every day,
Will the truth be something I cannot bear!

We're over still,
And Valentine's is here,
A horrifying chill!

My eyes wheel up with shares of madness,
I feel like you left me here,
All alone and full of sadness!

How fear turned to truth is recognized,
I once was strong and happiness filled each day and night,
But now that glitter of me is daily unrecognized!

You have the skill to cover all fear,
Now I feel ill to discover lostness appear,
It is a great bill to hover in thoughts of you're no longer near!

What is the end of love fore,
My heart and soul's sense is tore,
Suffering much more!

I've never experiences such bluffer,
Of despair from one who creates in my kingdom,
Happiness to die out and grow to suffer!

I ask myself each day "Is this real",
You turn away with you see the tear,
But you're not the one who has to deal.
And you're not the one who has to try and heal!

Every night my room cages an earthquake,
A hurricane,
And an unearthly volcano of tears!
I wish you wanted to take the sadness from hear.
How long before love's taking feeling clears?
This troublesome fate is more than I can endear!

Everyone said we were the perfect pair ,
I can't help but give your heart a prayer,
For once I wished love could be fair!

Did your ears,
Miss hear,
Everything I expressed dear.
Because your feelings came as quickly as they then disappear!
You were my shining musketeer!

You never knew how I felt.
All my gladness of life,
Away it loves to melt!
Just when you think you've found someone forever!
You never knew how I felt.

I wouldn't believe in lasting forever,
Because with that,
Surviving a heartbreak is not ever!
It's too daring of a hat,
To ever believe,
In happiness like that!

I keep thinking about the dance that goes by now that you're gone!
To you I feel oh so drawn!
I'll be sauked with tearstains by dawn!

Whomever goes through Valentine's alone!
With so many dreams when this day was just down the road!
Near it's here what dreams have been blown!
You're lucky if you have a partner to help them load!

What disappointments have never slowed!
What relationships only once flowed!
And what nightmares have been bestowed!
All hearts hurt to be sewed!

Valentine's is near!
How did it get so quickly hear!
Losing him before today has brought many a tear!


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  • 6 years ago

    by Silent Scribbler

    I know what it's like to spend Valentine's Day alone...year after year. It's just a day for all the single people how lonely they are, or how they lost love. The worse people choose that day even to do the heart breaking. It's by far my least favorate holiday of them all. I can definately relate and I love it. Great work.