Pain Within Me

by Ali   Feb 14, 2012

When a heart is broken
How do you move on
I now know for sure
This pain can never be gone

You moved away from within me
Just pushed me aside
And never realised
How i am burning inside

It all began so beautifully
I thought you would always be there
Whenever i was down and out
You always came with a touch of care

But you start to put yourself first
And I kept on fighting for you and me
Then one fine day you walked away
And i have to accept my destiny

I tried my everything and loved you
As i have been doing for the years
Little i did know that ur blackhearted
And all i got was just tears

I always had this fear
That we maybe torn apart
And as i always stayed near
But u literally crushed my heart

Now that this has happened
And you only know what was the gain
You did what you had to do
And gave me this life long pain

This pain within me
Wont let me change the way i do
This pain will never go
As I will never find anyone as you


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