A Flash Back

by CathyButterflyJC   Mar 8, 2012

I feel my pulse quicken when you're near
I want to tell you how I feel but there's so much fear
A rejection might be a lot to bear

I need to tell you how I feel
I've fallen head over heels
I wonder what's hidding behind your expression of steel

I have never cared this much
But you haven't seen my crutch
You could never care for such

I don't want to move even an inch
Maybe I should be pinched
Keeping this from you is no snitch

You're the one I've dreamed of all my life
I don't know what to think of this strife
My thoughts are stuck in full overdrive

It's digging at me inside not to try
But I'm afraid for you to see me cry
Or the love well might run dry

Your friendship is just too important
You could stomp on me as easy as an ant
I'm scared to you I'll be unimportant

You're so hot I might fry
My insecurity won't completely run dry
But my soul is covered with your encouraging retry

Telling me to not give up
You've put up a loving cup
On each other we need a close-up

My heart by you feels pried
Would I be sorry if I tried
Would I always remember times I cried

I'm losing my mind
Are you blind
Life can leave you behind

You're an unforgetable dream
But if I lose you, my team
I'll break at my very steam

You're who I've been trying to find
Are you going to wipe me out by your wind
For what reason are our lives aligned

My heart has been stolen
My tongue is half swollen
For you I am pullen

By a magnificent boy who blow my mind
Whom on my heart has his name signed
Is it possible for a guy to be so kind

Without you I feel stray
Like I might decay
So much to say

The changes it will last aren't high
When people talk about him I just sigh
This lucky feeling keeps me asking why

So much to down lay
I feel like your clay
You cause happiness each day

I've learned to believe love's a lie
My friends say we wouldn't easily say goodbye
But the best love can so easily die

No one can answer for why
I can act so shy
But with him I can scream to the sky

With you I hold so much care
You make all sadness easy to bare
Feels like that's the only thing with you I can't dare

You're already tucked so far inside my core
I'm scared I would make this friendship tore
I hold so much love my side feels sore

How I feel for you is never clear
But I know I hold you so dear
In my heart you'll held so near

Please don't tell me never
I know there's a chance forever
I can't give up easily ever

We have so much fun together
You make me feel as light as a feather
But maybe you're more like a brother

You are an amazing treasure
Too amazing for any measure
With you I feel so sure

I can never feel frightened when I see your face
I know you would go by my own pace
Which gives sadness no trace

I've been strongly craving your embrace
I've been hurt before but I'm safe in your place
I know you could never be replaced

You make all sad memories be erased
Memories of you in my mind like a lace
You have such a charming surface

If I tell you how my heart feels
How my head has gone over my heels
I want to know if anything about me appeals

I think you're really quite cute
I want to take with you your route
Your words are like kicks with a boot

Should my feelings become revealed
How many others's heart have you come to steal
How much I like you is unreal

I'm so happy our lives could collide
I keep trying to set how I feel aside
To you my heart has been opened wide


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