Homeless Hobo

by Glenn G   Mar 15, 2012

I was once a homeless hobo
I walked these streets alone
I used to have a family
I used to have a home
One day I went to work
Came home and she was gone
On my pillow lay a note
It said we were all wrong
She said she was leaving me
'Cause she'd found herself another
All the years we'd shared
Had made her feel smothered

One day I fell asleep
Tired, weary and old
I never woke again
I fell victim to the cold
Now that I'm in heaven
I finally have a home
And when I walk the streets
I never walk alone
My lord and savior
Is always by my side
And although I still have no money
There is nothing I need to buy

I was once a homeless hobo
In a place they call Earth
Where all the things of value
Have no Heavenly worth
Now I'm rich
Walking the streets of gold
I no longer feel empty
I'm no longer cold
My journey was long
But it's one I'm glad I made
I hope some day you make the trip
I hope that you are saved


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