I'm Still Right Here

by Maria Chatziilia   May 7, 2012

Dont cry for me,
I wanted this,
the end was near.
Don't cry for me,
I chose this,
don't weep, my dear.

Please, don't be sad now,
I don't want to see you cry,
Please don't be mad now,
and don't ask yourself why.

It was too much for me,
I couldn't take it any longer
life wasn't easy for me,
I guess I should've been stronger.

Always remember my smile,
and that I'll love you forever
imagine the remote isle
where we will be together.

Stop right now, put down that knife
if you want to come meet me in heaven,
remember you don't have to end your life
because I'm already here for you Kevin.

It's not your fault that I'm gone
Don't blame yourself for this
I'll be waiting for the dawn,
to feel your touch and kiss.

So don't cry for me,
as I walk away,
Don't die for me,
I'll see you some day.


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