Kiss me

by Faith Ann   Jun 24, 2012

Your mama told me, she said it all
she said youre just to nervous to have the talk
but if u want me you gotta suck it up
talk to my mama, all i have to say is good luck

im glad to hear that you feel the same way
it was killing me to hide these feelings everyday
and now im happy, i think we have a good shot
im really liking you a lot

kiss me sweetie, i want you to
hold me gently you know what to do
wrap your arms around me, keep them there
it feels so good to finally have someone care

everything about you invites me in
your heart is all that i really want to win
you make me smile like nobody else can
your adorable smile, cute laugh, nice tan

So baby please talk to my mother, convince her you'll treat me right
she already loves you, hopefully you wont have to put up a fight

These feelings are to strong to throw them to the side
i wanna see you later so i can hold you in my arms tight


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