How could you?

by Faith Ann   Jul 25, 2012

You took advantage of a little girl & you killed her self esteem
you pulled her down low & you still haunt her little dreams
you caused her to be scared and to constantly hide
she feels like it all just happened the other night

You gave her anger issues & you gave her depression
she wonders why you had such a sick obsession
she thought you were her father, she thought you cared
she may have been very little but she was very scared

At the time she didn't know what you were doing was wrong
but one good thing you did was you made her strong
Now when she sees you she wants to cause you pain
the exact same pain that you made her face

There is no word out there that could describe the way she feels
that night it happened she blinked her little eyes wondering if it was even real
How could you look in a little kids eyes and tell them to take off their clothes
every piece of clothing from head to toe?


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