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Hey! :) My name is Faith. I love writing poems about love...i am very easy to talk to.i dont judge people because i know i dont like to be judged. I get along with most people until you do me wrong and then you'll bring the ghetto outta me. i act older than what i really am and get along with older people. I get along with guys mostly jus cuz they arent full of drama but dont take offense to that, i'll talk to anyone :) I am very protective towards people with mental disorders because i dont see whats funny about making fun of them...they didnt chose to be like that..isnt their falt. I also dont like it when people call other people fat. other than that im pretty giggly. I have a dorky fun side to me. Please rate and comment i'll do the same for you:) if ya wanna talk jus pm me :)

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  • Joshua Robert Switzer
    Wow...I dont really know how to even begin this...

  • You took advantage of a little girl & you...
    you pulled her down low & you still haunt her...

  • Your sweet scent, your soft lips
    your tight hugs, every little kiss...

  • You hold me in your arms and you hold me tight
    you kiss me on my forehead and you give me...

  • Your mama told me, she said it all
    she said youre just to nervous to have the talk...

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  • Im so amazed by you <3

    10 years ago
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  • 5-1-5-0 somebody call the PoPo im goin' crazy thinkin' 'bout ya baby ;)

    10 years ago
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  • You turned off the car. Watched me walk to my door. Told me you would see me tomorrow. Smiled as you drove off. I should have kissed you.

    10 years ago
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