by Faith Ann   Jul 29, 2012

Joshua Robert Switzer
Wow...I dont really know how to even begin this. One day you walked through the doors at work when i was upstairs talking to your mom and all of a sudden i started to get all giggly and warm inside. I didnt know why though because we didnt even know eachother. I only knew your name because i heard people say it. But you were so shy & quiet in front of me. Then one day you & me were both sitting in the back office with my mom and she had to get up to answer the phone so it was just the two of us back there...in dead awkward silence. So i said something to you and you just looked up at me with a nervous smile. Then I started messing with you cuz i didnt want you to be shy near me. At first you only gave me a little nervous giggle. Then eventually you started to open up a little and mess with me right back. People always said we were like brother & sister...except i never thought of you like a brother. I thought of u as something more. One night i texted you and we ended up texting for like two hours. I had never felt so close to anyone. As the days went on the connection grew stronger. Your mom told me that you wanted to ask me out but you were afraid that my mom wouldnt allow it. A week later you talked to my mom about it for three hours. She isnt to happy about our age difference which i understand. But ive never felt so close to anyone, you treat me so good...you are so freakin hilarious...you are very sweet...considerate...generous...kind hearted....and your smile is enough to make any girl fall in love. <3
-Faith Ann Harbaugh


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