by Faith Ann   Jul 9, 2012

You hold me in your arms and you hold me tight
you kiss me on my forehead and you give me butterflies
You say you want me forever, you say you really care
Holding me close with that beautiful stare

You pull me closer and you kiss my lips
You wanna show it to the world, you dont know how much longer you can hide like this
I run my fingers through your hair and tell you to not leave
I pull you even closer and you fall right back to me

I cant believe this happened, as i stare into your eyes
I didnt mean for this but you caught me by suprise
Everything a girl could want in a guy you have
Being around you, its just impossible to be sad

I wanna be the girl that walks down the isle to meet you at the other side
and i wanna be the girl you go home to late at night
The mother of your unborn child, but not anytime soon
and the girl that cooks you the delicious food


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