Time To Bid Adieu

by Areeba   Aug 6, 2012

No, you weren't my love
No, you weren't my life
But still I had feelings for you
And yes they were all true

When I met you for the first time
God! I liked you so much
You were the popular face of the school
Damn! That was so cool

Dont know what drew us together
And we became friends, infact the best ones
Being stuck to phone, texting all the time
That all was truely divine

You were so damn boyish
And I loved that
Your height, your nature, your smile, your everything
Made my heart blush, made my heart sing

But inside my mind I was determined
This is not love, this is just attraction
And deep inside my heart it was concealed
And I knew I am never gonna reveal

Our friends liked us together
They said you people should date
And we were like no
We are just friends, we are just mates

I never really knew what was on your side
Whether you liked me in that way or not
But the way you used to continously stare at me
First I took it seriously and then I was like let it be

I treasured what was between us
And in memories it will always be alive, it may
Now when we are about to change our schools
There is something I wanna say

You gave me such a wonderful time
And for that I will always be thankful to you
May you achieve great heights, may god always bless you
Now its the time to bid adieu


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Areeba

    Yup, he was damn cool ^_^ .. Thankyou mate (:

  • 8 years ago

    by Omar

    Wow, you must have a really cool friend. This poem was a excellent one.i can see that you really care for your friend.