A Deadly Love

by LostWords   Oct 21, 2012

Remember the first time I fell for you?
I haven't gotten up since.

Three years of memories and
you still send a rush over me.
Falling into a trance with you.

I feel your breathe on my neck.
Your arms hold me close.
Kissing down my body.

The sun just lifting on the skyline,
gripping the last fragment of that dream.

Sharply, I wake to an empty bed.
It is so cold without you. I turn over,
grab your memories and pull them near.

I just want to lay here forever.
If I don't get up, I can't fall down.
Tossing over, I remember that day.

Two Marines stood at my door.
Immediately my heart knew.

On foot patrol, defusing an IED.
Exploiting your body to save your men.
All gave some, you gave all.

Rolling back over, I try to dream of you.
Maybe this time my eyes will be dry.
Perhaps I won't shake violently.

One more lonely night.
Another toss and turn.

*Written for a Raven's 'heart swelling' contest


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Latest Comments

  • 8 years ago

    by NobodyKnowsItButMe

    "Remember the first time I fell for you?

    I haven't gotten up since.

    Three years of memories and

    you still send a rush over me."
    good beginning...through this very line(s) I can relate myself to *Some1* ...
    Well written!

    • 8 years ago

      by LostWords

      Thank you so much, Robert Gardiner and Tali Sashyie Jamir.

  • 8 years ago

    by Robert Gardiner

    A Lovely Write!!!

  • 8 years ago

    by TSI25

    Very noble, very touching, very dark. im starting to notice an insidiously delicious pattern with how you write. you mightve earned a place on my favorite poets list. this poem was good, like your others. an enjoyable read that was over almost too quickly. keep writing.

    • 8 years ago

      by LostWords

      Thank you, TSI25. Your comments are very gratifying to read. What an honor to be possibly chosen to be on your favorite poets list.

  • 8 years ago

    by Autuumnbree

    Beautifully written I love this heart touching piece. I just feel a need to say you're a good writer and this poem makes me think of my friend just the thought of him gives me chills. Another great write...

    Keep writing...

    • 8 years ago

      by LostWords

      Thank you FallenFromGraceByMyChoice, it means a lot that you think this is beautiful and that one day you would want to read this to your daughter.

      Thanks Autuumnbree, you are very sweet. Thinking of past loved ones tends to give me chills or completely breaks me down, especially him...

  • 8 years ago

    by With This Slow Tune I Tell You Goodbye

    Awwww this poem is sooo beautiful i just love it it says of the heartbreak and the dreams that you just want to hold dear to your heart! that pain is what i wanted on my own poem and you know i needed a little more pain but this poem is so beautiful with the imagery and the emotions sweetie this is a good poem that i want to read this poem to my daughter one day when she marries lol! :)5/5