Let It Rain

by LostWords   Mar 11, 2013

Rain starts with storm
clouds already gathered.
We began with hidden fears,
hiding what mattered.
We grew, but running from the
rain left us tattered.
So let it rain.

The dark storms that have
hunted and chased us.
Have threatened to, but will
never ever break us.
The hell that we have survived
is what has made us.
So let it rain.

Storms bring rain and the rain
makes things clean.
What once was dead, with rain
it can turn green.
After Winter storms, rain comes,
then Spring.
So let it rain.

Now that our storms have brought
us back together.
I swear this: I will stand in the rain
with you forever.
Come sun, come rain, come storm;
come any weather.
So let it rain.


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