Burgundy River (Acrostic)

by ah satan 666   Nov 5, 2012

Black clouds form around the sun; Choking the
unnerving rays, as they retreat with immense
restlessness. The stench of death making me
gag... to the point of resurrecting my own
unresolved wretched minions to roam free.
Never before have I felt so satisfied. Yet a
demonic nature has never sat well with me;
You on the other hand, are twisted to your core.

Redemption sought after, as foolishly your cloak of
invisibility towards compassion for others...has become
vivid for all to see. You stand before me awaiting
eager acknowledgement, as I watch your colour drain.
Rinsed from the heart, your blood becomes a ............

~#*Andrea's title toss, challenge*#~


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  • 7 years ago

    by Chelsey

    Whoa whoa whoa!!!! Blown away..like right off my chair.

    This is beyond incredible. I am in love with acrostics and I absolutely adore your creativity here..I usually see acrostic titles so simple because it states your topic clearly, this though is so intriguing, and using the color to describe whats being drained of someone is just epic.

    Totally agree with Maple, the darkness in this piece speaks volumes and sets the whole tone...and that ending..I've always read poems that leave the reader guessing whats next, but you didnt even finish your sentence...holy crap, what a way to leave us hanging!!!

    Totally brilliant.

    • 7 years ago

      by ah satan 666

      Thankyou ladies :D

      I loved this challenge!!!

      And I thought I'd practise some discipline, as to shake me from my mood. lol

  • 7 years ago

    by Maple Tree

    Oh Natasha!!! This acrostic is brilliant.... the depths of darkness is evident through out this piece... but I especially love and admire the ending.... it lets you slip away into the title.... wonderful piece you have penned here!!