Together was so broken

by BECCA lessTHANthree   Nov 7, 2012

Together was so broken
Together was so cold
Next to you I only felt
hopeless and alone

Seven years have gone my love, they've come and gone too quick
We've grown so far apart and now there's not much left to it

No longer guarded by the years of homecomings and prom
The day we feared has come my dear, we've known it all along

Once upon a time you were my rock and my best friend
But now you're just a stranger, on whom I can't depend

It was true love, first love, innocent and fleeting
A young love, but such love is fantasy, its dreaming.

And I knew this day would come, but thought I would be more prepared
You'd think that since I've known for years, I wouldn't be so scared..


Alone I am so broken
Alone I am so cold
Without you all I feel
Is hopeless and alone...


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