Child Abduction [Quatern]

by A Poets Handwriting aka ALISHA   Nov 13, 2012

What has the world come to these days?
Abduction lingers 'round corners;
dark alleyways are in the past -
humanity has grown bolder.

When there is worry about vans -
what has the world come to these days?
When a run could be a nightmare,
or tardiness spins a panic?

When walking down the street one day,
I was offered a ride to school -
what has the world come to these days? -
I declined, and then I was praised...

But to think that offer came from
none other than my loving dad -
humanity fears abduction,
that's what the world's come to these days.

By A. Sherden

*LTFR Challenge


*A French form made of 16 lines, in four stanzas, each at four lines with a refrain.

*8 syllable lines but rhyming and meter are at the writer's discretion.

*The first line of the first stanza is the refrain. It repeats as the second line of the second stanza, the third line of the third stanza and the fourth line of the fourth stanza.


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by -Choke-On-MY-Halo-

    I liked it because it is true the world is cruel and cold and everyone should be weary of even the most loving people no matter if you are related to the person(s) excellent write Alisha 5/5


  • 11 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    This is an amazing use of a poetry format that uses repitition
    'What has the world come to these days?'
    Quite honestly I cannot think of a corner of this planet where we should not be asking this question This is a poswerful poem well done

  • Thank you. (:

  • 11 years ago

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Nice entry!
    Minor issues: line 12 has 7 syllables; I realize you purposely changed the refrain in line 16, but normally in a quatern it remains static. In this case I believe the exception is well worth it.
    I don't think lines 7 & 8 help your poem - in fact they made me puzzle out their meaning instead of continuing the read.
    Substance: I really like your wry sense of humor. Pathos is the only way to deal with many of life's paradoxes and you do an excellent job of it here. This very event actually happens as the constables report them occasionally in our monthly homeowner meetings. I even get nervous stopping for Jessica & her friends. Even so, I applaud the concern for safety. Well done capturing a slice of modern insanity.

  • 11 years ago

    by Mohan

    Once again you did a gud job frnd
    nice written