Our New World

by Alleycat   Dec 2, 2012

In a world where everything is perfect and neat,
and you're the only one who has to compete,
how do you hold your head up high and not give in,
and tell the whole world that they'll never win,
they can change the "normal" to something you will never be,
but you are still just as beautiful, but it's too deep for them to see,
they are all just so shallow and they will never know,
the beauty you hold that is not hard to show,
people judge others when they have no idea,
because their mind is based off of media,
when will they open their eyes and see the beauty within,
and realize that beauty is much deeper than skin,
we need to take back our world and shut them out,
and let them kick and scream and holler and shout,
because we are the new norm and that's how it should be,
when they open their minds true beauty is what they will see,
We need to love and care and be a selfless nation.
if a new world will be our creation.


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