Discouraging Fractures

by Stephen   Feb 26, 2013

Could it be that I'm moon stricken
which wakes me in late night hours
while the world surrounding
lies in a peaceful slumber?

The silence leaves me haunted
by the melody of my heart beating
within my chest cavity and my thoughts
never seem more inconsistent.

Boulders once impregnable,
solid, secure, and reliable
crumbled as I leaned on them
leaving scars from the fall that succeeded.
Abandoning the trust I depended upon.

Life will never seem the same,
though I'm not left discouraged.
It was simply a reminder
that even the strongest fracture eventually.


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  • 8 years ago

    by L

    Hmm a title for this piece,

    "I'm not left discouraged"

    or "Even the strongest Fracture"