Illiteracy, the Staying in the Dark [String Tanka]

by Khalid   May 22, 2013

Darkness of the night
can't distinguish candle light
but it can do so
upon cooperation
with a simple buff of wind

is totally diminished
and becomes countless
when everything is revealed
adhereing reality

I'm getting surprised
of that who lost his wallet,
still not finding it!
Why does he search in the dark,
while light pillars are plenty?


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  • 7 years ago

    by Hannah Lizette

    I really like this poem, it's a subject that I haven't read in poetry yet, so I applaud you for being creative! :)

    I like the use of "buff the wind" -- I think you mean there that people are more interested in/more knowledgeable about reading/writing than they used to be.

    I don't believe that illiteracy is completely diminished, there are still children that have trouble and still a bunch of the older generation that probably can't read due to finishing school at an early age to work.

    But within a few years, with school being mandatory now... it helps tremendously with the decrease of illiteracy.

    Wonderful write, Khalid!