Were You Not

by William Mae   Jun 2, 2013

Were you not

Were you not in my heart I know,
My night would lose its dew.
My moon twould dim, my stars all fall,
Give up their glorious hue.

My breeze would blow no more I fear,
My lungs would lose their breath,
If I had not your heart I know,
My sun would lay in death.

So its your love that makes my sun,
Rise in my morn to shine,
Forever chained to your love,
In heart in soul and mind


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  • 9 years ago

    by Meena Krish

    ...and any woman would smile and face life's hardship when she has a love like this..a moving write which for some reason bring tears to my eyes.

    It's good to read your write after a long time...take care and keep penning :)