Enchanted Night

by William Mae   Sep 20, 2022

What If some enchanted night,
I suddenly appeared,
In the moonlight of your room,
My whispers drew you near.

You arose from off the bed,
To hold me in your arms,
Offering kisses tender,
Wrapped by all your charms.

Beyond the room life stands still,
To others time suspended,
In the room we are alone,
A gift this port has lended.

I pull you slowly to the bed,
Our flesh is full of yearnings,
A needed task of making love,
And soothe two souls that’s burning.

Burning just to know the gift,
While music played its tunes,
Our shadowy silhouetted love,
Was shared beneath the moon.

During moments we enjoyed,
Came purposed acts of pleasure,
We opened up our storehouse
Sharing all our treasures.

No guilt from making love for we,
Kept private all words spoken,
And only you and I will keep,
These memories as a token.

Intense and long the night drew on,
We took and gave our passion,
Our needs and wants satisfied,
In every single fashion.

I had to leave I could not stay,
No moonlight left for burning,
I vanished through the port I came,
We knew I’d be returning.


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Latest Comments

  • 1 week ago

    by Meena Krish

    Ahh, the good of having a port which transports you to wherever, indeed would be nice!
    Reading this made me sigh from start to end. Like the build up and the images it flashed across my mind...

    Good to read another poem from you!!!