Immortal Kiss

by Xx Grieving from the inside outxX   Sep 1, 2013

You gave me that immortal kiss
you took my soul and gave me another
you gave me this life of hiding in the shadow
sleeping in the soft earth shunning the sun
feeding on helpless mortal turning them into what we are
spend our night looking at the glow of the pale moon
hearing the werewolf's hales at the open sky
feeling the cold air upon are face
picturing passed memories of the way my life used to be
laying in the sun light feeling it's worth
now laying in the cold shadows in dark
some of us try to hid the thirst for human blood
some time are kind pray for death to come
wondering around being know as the damned
they say that we should stay away from living unless were feeding
I have been the undead for thousand years now
hearing the whisper of the night smelling the sweet flowers in the grave yard
we have nothing but time wondering around this lonely earth
he gave me this immortal kiss of death
he took my soul and gave me darkness
he gave me this vampire life of feeding hiding
we seduced our victims with the glow of our eyes once you look Into them
your under are spell your all ours
are kind look at mortal as are next meal to keep are strength up
walking around with nothing but thoughts in my mind
wondering when we are getting are next fix
human blood helps us stay strong and youth full
I'm know as the sweet dream but also there nightmare
walking around those streets of London
my heels hitting coeval stones feeling the chill in the air the smell of death
from the cemetery fresh graves mortal grieving over the lost of life
well you see I'm different from the rest I still have my human soul
the other vampires fear me because of what I am
are master calls me sweet Elisabeth we keep are birth names
We get lonely like humans do we feel love, sadness, joy, and even death
We are the forgotten children of the shadow
Lost in the bitter cold of the night.
Our lives were utterly spent under the pale moon aglow
And our only release is to bite.
The innocence we once knew is all gone our loved one's are scared of us they scream in pain there cry of sorrow is hard all over this land we feed to live again there blood make us hole
this is what we are the forgotten children of the night we are vampires we promise to make it quick we are the creatures of the night searching for are next bit will it be you? no one know who will be next....


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Vampires, I love their passion. You have obviously read a lot of books as the information in this poem is extensive and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • I just seen this thank you so much but to be honest when I wrote this I really didn't know much about vampires sometime when I'm alone or sad is when I write the best things just come to me kind of like an old memories sometimes it feel real

  • 5 years ago

    by Jack Nightengale

    I like this. A few spelling errors but nothing really major. I like the dark feeling this one carries. That spine tingling chill, that gust of cold wind that snatcjes your breath. Great job

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