Icy Kiss

by X Harlea X   Dec 8, 2013

Fragmented and afraid of what she lost,
Consumed with thoughts of what she's done,
Not knowing what all it would cost,
The devils work with webs she's spun.

Darkness and demons haunting her where ever she turns,
Nothing would've prepared her for the reward they gave.
Scratches, painful and bleeding from the coals they burn,
Gone too far for the mystical angels to save.

Paralyzed from their rough play,
She's slowly starting to fade away.

They keep bringing her to the brink.
Demons every time she opens her eyes,
Each day a little more of her soul dies.
Disbelief in what she done to the one she loved,
Forever to spend alone with Grimm's icy kiss of death.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Jack Nightengale

    Very dark indeed. Sends a nice chill down my spine. Nicely done :)