Written On My Heart

by CathyButterflyJC   Feb 24, 2014

Written On My Heart
By Kaitlyn Violette
November 27th, 2013, Wednesday

There are certain words
That have become imprinted on my heart
Messages that have been typed

Lines of love to you that have been written
Thoughts that have been stamped
Quotes that have become engraved onto my heart

Your name in bolded letters
Large and in block form
Is stitched across the middle

Each beat of my heart
Every round of blood pumping through with each pound
A voice above the silence calls your name

Inside my heart is the tale of us
With all my thoughts of you and the loving moments we've shared
A fairytale with a future happy-ever after as long as I'm with you

My hopes to be yours forever
Are tattooed across every corner
All the dreams I've ever had of being with you

All my dreams I hold of us I've set my heart on
Is set in each drop of blood
Like all the words you say to me I constantly reply and have hanging from my heart

The future plans I've wished up for us
Have been painted down the front of my heart like a scroll
Every moment I've envisioned and pictured of us together I've closed my eyes to see more clearly

So many memories of us are scraped and written on my heart in permanent marker
Hopes of one day we'll marry, have kids and spend forever together are lasered deep into my heart
Tied around my heart is you
From things I have dared to dream
Like being one day your fiancé
And carrying your sons and daughters inside of me (for nine months)
To the times we've had together
Your picture scrapbooked within my heart
And our video chats, phone calls, and messages forever saved to my heart as well


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