My Future Has Become Our Future

by CathyButterflyJC   Feb 24, 2014

My Future Has
Become Our Future

Dedicated to Skyler my good luck
Charm and love throughout all ages,
You are mine and me yours,
You are my only one and I always cherish
You, as I wish to spend forever next to
You, talking , in my heart is a beating for
You, because in
Truth Skyler Barrett
I love you,
From Mrs. Barrett!!!

My whole life has become centered around you
I cannot imagine being with anyone else but you
All my dreams have become covered with your name
You have become a part of them all
They have become surrounded around you
Built on you
And our love
And hopes

My whole life has become a heart loving you
And I cannot picture
My future without you

You being the one
The one I spend forever with
Who holds me in his arms
Cuddles me at night and centers his life on me
Never releasing his grasp on me or letting me go
Sings me to sleep
Kisses my cheeks
Loving me forever
Slow dances with me
From boyfriend to courtship
Courtship to engagement
Lays with me under the stars
As time passes and I go from your girlfriend to your wife
You the one who warms my heart and makes me happy
Whispers I love you with passion in your voice
Looks me in the eyes
With a ring gets down on one knee with dreams of marrying me
You to be the one whom hugs me tight and close (for no reason at all)
With me says those always cherish able wedding vows
By my side through the whole pregnancy as I carry our child
Helps me hold our baby together in our arms
Created by God with our love
You and I to spend forever together because I love you Skyler and you are priceless to me always!!!


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  • 5 years ago

    by Brittany Ottmo

    ^_^ I like this one! Filled with so much love! great job! 5/5