Skyler Cole Barrett Will You Be My Valentine?!!! <3

by CathyButterflyJC   Feb 24, 2014

Skyler Cole Barrett
Will you be my Valentine?
On this special day
All I want is for you to be mine!

You are my prince
I want to forever be your princess
To forever roam the hall of your heart
To stand by your side
And in your hand be wed

From the moment I woke up this morning
You have been on my mind
But that is the same as every day
Since you swept me off my feet so many months ago
This early day awakening was different than the rest
Because today is meant to celebrate how our love shines

You are perfect the way you are
There isn't a thing I could change
For you I will always care

You are a wonderful boyfriend
True to me
More than fair to me
You respect me
And make me feel special
To you I will always cling

Sometimes I feel like
You are the only one who truly understands me
Who knows when to hold me
And when to hug me
Who knows when I'm upset
And when I need your understanding
When I just need you

You have made me feel so much better about myself

With you I want to be my best
Because that's what you deserve
To me you shine above the rest
And you deserve to know how special you really are

You make me happy
You sooth my worries
You fix this bleeding heart
And I know at times
You know me better then I know myself
And you are the missing puzzle piece of my life
The missing puzzle pieces of me

I love how you don't mind being yourself around me

You are the one who never judges me for my mistakes
Who accepts my faults and flaws
And carries them too because they are a part of me
You never make me feel bad when I screw up
Or hold things against me
I am so glad you are mine
And I am forever yours

No one can ever take your place beside me
No one can ever take away what I feel for you

You have the key to me
You hold the key to my heart
You handle the key that opens me up
You are the one with the key that opens all my doors

I want to hold you in my arms
And tell you all the things I love about you
All that made me fall in love with you

You're perfect in my eyes
Nothing needs to be changed
No flaws erased
No disappointments resurfaced

I love you the way you are
With every feature of your face
And everything I can when I look at you

You are a gift from God
A work of art
A masterpiece
A diamond in the rough
A treasure to me
And through everything we go through
I want you to be mine forever

I love you skyler
For all the things you do
And all the words you say to me
And on this special day
I request something from all through my heart
To the one I love through it all

Skyler cole barrett
Will you be my Valentine?


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