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Hi I am kelwin. I love talking to ppl. Want to know more send me a message.
i want anyone who reads my poems to tell me what they think of it plz. and ill do what i can to make even better poems in the future. i am a cutter and have been since i was in 1st grade after my best friend died in a fire. i have lost a total of 3 friends.
i hate depression. it controles my life. i am always am depressed and always need people to talk to. so if you want to help me or talk to me plz talk. i need people so i wont kill myself or cut. plz talk to me
I have been through alot and if you want
to know what just ask and I'll tell. I have tried to stop cutting but it's hard

I am a lost soul just looking for peace at last. I've tried to kill myself so many times. I died twice but was not accepted in either place. So I'm ment to stay here and I don't know my porpuse in life. I believe it's to help others cause I've been through alot is shit so I can help almost anyone. Each of my poems has my heart in it and my very first poem "why do I feel this way" achilly saved my life. If you want to know more contact me and I'll answer

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  • I will always reamber the first time I saw you.
    I reamber the first time I heard you laugh...

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  • You used me you killed me. You gave me false hope and heart break. You did everything you promised you wouldn't. How can I trust again

    5 years ago
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  • I love you and that is true. You are the best. So sweet so caring. So amazing. I love you now and forever. You stole my heart. It's now yours to hold

    5 years ago
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  • Looking for love in all the wrong places. trying to find the one for me. seems impossible. looking for a girl in michigan

    6 years ago
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