Sobriety of the Un-kind

by pookiengurgi   Apr 18, 2014

As just a suggestion
After some reflection
It's becoming clear
Who's projecting.
You see, I initially thought
Maybe I imagined everything
I ignored the imperfections
Saw only what I wanted to see
Soon everything was chaotic
And all my perspectives were blurring
Then you messed up, man
When I refused to back down
You gave up the politics
Just as I did
We always were similar on these things
But it changed the entire scene
Cuz everyone is noticing
You're punch drunk in love
And unfortunately headed for misery
That don't phase me
This pain is already fading
Baby, what you did
Was some real hits
Forgiveness between us won't be easy
Then again, that could also be said
For what we thought we had
Back when
The piranhas held no matter to us
Beautiful beginnings
Stronger together
But we had to separate
I fully believe people have the potential to change
But that don't mean
In this unfair life and cold cruel world
That all of them
Good luck with your recovery


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