by pookiengurgi   Aug 2, 2014

And in a perfect world, such things are possible.
To take the first step into the unknown is to progress toward freedom.
We choose to stay, instead of moving forward without a staircase.
Not always because this is our comfort zone, or because we feel like we are trapped;
But because we know the grass isn't always greener, and if it were,
Who are we to deserve that lush pasture?
We are simply stepping into the darkness feeling a twinge of insanity for our daring
Actions of which could not be absolved for conformity.
When one can no longer relate to the public's description
They must leave.
For they are not where life needs them to be.
To stay would inhibit evolution, butterfly effect to society
Causing their growth to become stuck, "like rocks on the side of a stream"


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