by pookiengurgi   Apr 22, 2014

Imagine, you are part of the lower sector of a culture
And you enter an area, where your presence might generally be unwelcoming to others
Due to certain similarities which you share with other people of your class/sector
You cannot change it alone, and it's a counterproductive battle in this society to try.
Considering this, you accept it,doing so quite gracefully.
Glass ceiling!
As a result, we learn to evolve.
Now, imagine entering the same scene, usual personality.
But having tweaked or changed just one or a few, aspects of your being.
This time-your presence fits right in.
Tell me now, how are you feeling?
Would you revert to your old image, immediately?
No, that would be a waste of opportunity!
Instead, you take advantage of it.
The trick is in the presentation; lies in the deceit.
If you want to make a difference, people are selfish;
You've got to offer them the motivation THEY need.
I've been viewed in many ways.
Some view me as a monster; some see me as a saint.
And I can change so easily
With this appearance that is suitable for many sectors of society.
Privilege is power.
I try to utilize it to the best of my ability.
I have the choice
To either allow them to exalt my appearance inaccurately,
Or to correct them and straighten out the facts on me.
Too often we need to start fake,
Before we get to represent our true beliefs and aim.
Sometimes, I've even been lucky enough to tie in who I really am, with the process for successful living.
To accomplish each goal,
I had to summarize what I was to provide...


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