The Hundreth Day

by LittleMsPink   Apr 24, 2014

We were lying there under
the tree where we first met
With your head on my chest as we watched
the darkness slowly fading...
No one dared to speak,
we were listening to the music
of each others heart beats
The sun began to rise,
I feel your fingers interlocked with mine...

and then you said...

" They say that if someone is with you
and you watched the sunrise together
then that person would be the one you'd
be with when you take your last breath "

I looked at you as a tear came rolling by
You smiled at me and gently wiped it dry

but the tears continues to fall...

You placed a kiss upon my lips which
deeply made me cry

" You gave me a reason to live,
I love you.. but for now goodbye "

That moment when you said those words
Was the moment when you left
Your heart stopped beating,
I can no longer feel your breath
I didn't even had the chance to tell you
how much I love you.. and now it's too late....

For now I know you're walking down through heavens gates

~ This poem is about two couples who are deeply in love but the girl has a serious heart disease and she is so tired to live so she made the guy promise her that when her time comes, she wishes for him not to revive her life again for she was awfully tired and wants to rest.

~Inspired by 100 days for her happiness (This is really such a good story)



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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Robert Gardiner

    Beautiful. Lovely Write!!!

  • 6 years ago

    by favi

    Omg! I really enjoyed reading every line of this poem i luv it soo much pain but with happiness.:)

  • 7 years ago

    by Fenix Flight

    100/100 by the way

  • 7 years ago

    by Fenix Flight

    Beautifully written. reminds me almost of the book/movie A walk to remember.
    this brought a tear to my eye. Well written! keep it up!!!!!!!

    • 7 years ago

      by LittleMsPink

      Thank you so much for your comment :)
      And aw i love a walk to remember <3

  • 7 years ago

    by Trinity Heart

    First stanza lasr line should be mine
    Besides that detail awh it almost made me cry 5/5