You Feel Like Home

by Stephen   Jun 3, 2014

I write all of these things
that I'll probably never speak a word to you about.
You feel like home to me and
you always wondered why I say that.
The truth is, you bring nostalgic moments of
happiness and freedom back to life while I'm with you. The late nights walking across town
with no true destination, young and in love,
sleeping wherever possible, being philosophical,
and lost in the moment.
Blasting music and singing out until my lungs collapse, never to be obnoxious,
but who ever took the time to comprehend or pry a little further, there's more to this simple surface.
Believing I'll never be loved and couldn't accept myself, or even have a sense of self, felt lost in the way I felt. The drunken nights and petty fights
with the ones I love that left me all alone,
life looks a little bit different when it's 20 degrees and you can't go home.
I had my heart broken a few times
and it's always been by the girls
I tried to save from themselves.
Self destructive due to bad habits
their hurt constructed to manage
and it's absolutely sad but I love it,

I feel disgusted.

Nostalgia can be unpleasant,
but when I'm with you it's beautiful.
We can't believe our present will be our past.
I'm not expecting more pain;
Although I know the sun can shine
but for so long then it's got to rain.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by IdTakeABulletForYou

    Needs to be corrected:
    Self destructive due to bad habits

    Suggested correction:
    Self-destructive due to bad habits

    After "I love it", I would suggest a semi-colon instead of a comma.

    I know touching last lines are usually sacrilege, but I would suggest a small rewording on the last few lines. The grammar is very cluttered, and I'm not sure what's supposed to be where, and the comma seemingly out of nowhere, into a semi-colon with a "but" immediately proceeding, then another but with no punctuation before it at all. It really confused me.

    I enjoyed this poem until the confusion at the end, but I still believe it's a great work, one I definitely can relate to. Sometimes people come along and change everything we think we know.

    Sometimes I feel so jaded that if I met such a person now, I'd still let them go.

    I hope you someday get a chance with the person this poem is about!


  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This reminds me of the Eminem lyric "I guess that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano"
    Some people are just destined to hurt each other, despite the obvious connection they share; it is a destructive one.
    I really did enjoy this,
    All the best,