by LoneWolf   Jul 11, 2014

An ember in my heart
Fire fills the air
I run to extremities
Almost without care

Disregard for caution
Disregard for fear
Approaching obstacles with dauntlessness
With no mental blocks near

Blood flowing through my veins
I see through tunnels of distorted air
I run to the worst of danger
Most of what some wouldn't dare

I long for it
Lunacy some may recall
Not insanity no
Just not fearing the fall

Not looking down
Nor fearing defeat
Not thinking
Of what you have to beat

Weather it be parkour or weightlifting
Or just an extreme sport
I challenge it all
As the world around me contorts

Some call me insane
"Getting high on life" as they might say
But when an opportunity for throwing caution to the wind arises
I go out to play


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  • 5 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    This is a brilliant poem, really uplifting and motivational for anyone out there with a passion to pursue.

    I liked the tone of not caring, of being too passionate about something to consider the dangers, or to let the dangerous risks prevent you from taking part.

    It has the tone of life is too short, so go out and do it anyway.

    There was some great wording here too, very interesting to read.

    Great job, and great title.