Redneck Easter

by Mark Spencer   Mar 2, 2015

Redneck Easter
By Mark Spencer

I went and bought me some rabbits,
And built a rabbit coop.
Like that Cadbury Bunny has,
'Cept I got me a group!

And they all's gonna lay some eggs,
With nice milk chocolate shells!
But they won't be no coco brown,
'Cause I prefer pastels!

So I'm gonna feed them Fruit Loops,
And that should do the trick!
They'll be poppin' out rainbow eggs,
I'm thinkin', pretty quick!

Then I'll get rich like Cadbury,
And buy me a new truck!
Maybe breed all of them rabbits
With cousin Millie's duck!

People'd sit up and take notice
Of a bunny that quacks!
They'd storm the Piggly Wiggly for
My multi-colored snacks!

We'll have us a rainbow Easter,
With chocolate eggs and beer!
Drunk rednecks on a sugar rush,
Can really spread some cheer!

Buy some rainbow chocolate duck eggs,
Then turn on your TV!
There's a new realty show,
Called Rab-uck Dynasty!

I should have thought of it sooner!
My problems are all solved!
There's nothing a redneck can't do,
When there's a duck involved!


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