Darkness vs. Daylight

by Teria   Jul 8, 2015

Fears last through the night,
Spirits rise when morning brings light.
We laugh, we smile, we encourage each other,
But when darkness comes our hearts run for cover.

I smile, I cry, I can't understand why
It all comes to an end in the blink of an eye.
You see, diamonds are rough,
Battles of the heart, they're pretty tough.

Smiles are weakened, spirits...they sink
We run and hide, no matter what they think.
Emotions go haywire, muscles convulse
Fighting and screaming, searching for a pulse.

A long time a'comin,
We kept on runnin'
Failing the darkness
Searching for breath.

My mind it races, I'm trying to find
That secluded place deep in my mind.
Daylight breaks, I can feel the relief
But it only lasts as long as the peace.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Excellent. I love the shorter, punchy 4th stanza in comparison to the others - it changes the feel.