We're Beautiful

by rosey   Jul 23, 2015

We doubt what people say.
we live a lie each day.

We laugh it off,
we fake a smile,
pretending we're okay.

We walk the halls of reality,
putting on a face.

But when we're all alone
we just know we're a disgrace.

We look into a mirror,
and point out all our flaws.

We see our friends and envy them,
and know we have no cause.

We ignore the voice that calls us beautiful,
and tune out all the praise.

We make fun of ourselves and call it a joke,
but really we're only afraid.

Some say to themselves
my nose is to big,

some say,
my eyes are to small.

Some people think
I'm too dark,
I'm too light.

Some think,
I'm too short,
I'm too tall.

We insecure ones swear we're being judged,
and we claim up and down,
that we're ugly,

We can't love ourselves,
because we're to focused
on societies view of beauty.

We can't call our flaws unique,
because we've been raised to believe
in us there's no beauty.

But I say forget about everyone else,
forget all you hear and see.

Societies views are not set in stone,
With love anything can change.

So love yourself,
forget what people say.

Embrace your body,
you're unique in every way.

What other people think no longer matters
People are all different,
shape and size.

Despite what you may think and believe,
we are ALL loved in God's eyes.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Camellia

    That's a really lovely poem. i like it a lot.

    • 5 years ago

      by rosey

      Thanks so much :)