Until Next Time

by rosey   Aug 12, 2019

Smooth baritone notes caress the textured dissonance of gritty undertones,

Their cadence a unique rhythm, that pleases my ear and warms my heart,
Reminding me of home.

Beautiful lips paint words that build masterpieces,
far too valuable to place in any museum,
Yet they are free.

Few hearts get to witness such beauty,
And I am grateful for every fraction of a glimpse that I am gifted to see.

My pulse skips a beat when you speak to me,
No matter the tone or intention,

Your soulful prose,
Makes me speechless beyond mention.

I can never stay angry with you,
You disarm me before my words cut deep,

Making me smile so bright it hurts my cheeks.

I’m so blessed we had the chance to meet.

You know not what your voice does to me.

I could listen to you for hours
though we only have a few moments.
Yet, they feel like days and seconds at once,
time one of our major opponents.

Coast to coast divided by 3,
morning and night, married by stars in the sky and the break of day,

There is so much more that I could say.

My patience thin but still I wait,
For the phone to ring and I see your name.

.... hello,
.... goodbye.
I always wish we had more time.

Until next time...


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  • 1 year ago

    by Daniel

    A little over worded and disorganised in places. I like the train of thought, though. :)

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