Hope Filled Hearts

by N3MO   Aug 8, 2015

All I see is hope dwindling
Like flames without kindling.

So be a catalyst for changes;
The hand turning pages.
Be whispers in our ears
Drawing forth hope filled tears.
Be the speaker of wonderous stories
Whisking away all our worries.

But what you request is too much for me!
Don't you realise my problems are all I can see?

So try your best to fill your heart with empathy
And know that peace is more than fantasy.
Believe in the kindness of our hearts
And take just one small step to start.
Fear not the stairs you must climb
For we will be following one at a time.

I don't think I am the one.
All I can do is hide and run...

Do not speak such foolery.
Do not wallow in fear and misery.
We all believe you can
Be our hero, our superman.
For if not you,
Then who?


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