Sea Of Iniquity

by Mark Spencer   Sep 30, 2015

Sea Of Iniquity
By Mark Spencer

Who thinks that they are good enough?
Are you worthy of God's grace?
Are the works of your hands righteous?
Will you list them to God's face?

How grand that heaven beckons you,
On your righteousness alone!
Jesus need not have died for you!
He knows every seed you've sown!

You've packed your bags for the rapture!
Your ticket is in your hand!
You're certain that on Judgment Day,
You'll leave us all where we stand.

But why did Isaiah tell us
That all of us are unclean;
And our deeds are like filthy rags?
Exactly what did he mean?

Did "all" mean everyone but you?
Are you this rule's exception?
What happens to the haughty soul
That falls for this deception?

We are all just treading water,
On an unforgiving sea.
Filled by the tears that God has shed,
Over our impurity.

He has offered us a lifeline,
For the humble souls who know,
That they are just a filthy rag,
Without righteous deed to show.

The proud believe that they can swim.
Their virtues keep them afloat.
They drift like leaves upon the sea,
With no need for raft or boat.

Lifelines are for unworthy souls,
The kind who admit defeat!
They will crawl into God's kingdom,
And they'll kiss the worthy's feet.

And though it's just a fantasy,
Some will treat it like a fact.
When listing every righteous deed,
The haughty will fail to act.

The lifeline floats within their reach,
Leading to eternal bliss.
But like so many "blameless" souls,
They sink into the abyss.

If you think that you are worthy
To list the seeds you have sown;
To the face of the Almighty,
Before His most holy throne.

Be prepared to be upended,
And cast out upon the sea.
A vast expanse of vile ichor,
The Sea of Iniquity.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Clever piece, great idea and super flow. Well done and all the best,