Thy Will Be Done

by Mark Spencer   Oct 8, 2015

Thy Will Be Done
By Mark Spencer

Why do people say they're sorry
When I give them the news?
If death is nipping at my heels,
That doesn't mean I lose!

I understand the atheist,
Who thinks there's nothing more.
For he believes I'll cease to be
When I pass through death's door.

So I can sympathize with him,
He grieves for one who ends.
But my faith tells me I'll live on,
With my departed friends.

So why do those who share my faith
Act like they don't believe?
Is it so bad to leave this world?
What heartache makes them grieve?

Does doubt cause them to feel this way?
Deep down, are they unsure?
If heaven's what you're hoping for,
Then your faith isn't pure.

You needn't hope for what is true,
Truth does not mourn or weep.
I'm going to a better place,
Not into endless sleep!

So don't tell me you're so sorry!
I'll never understand!
What is it that you're sorry for?
Do you know where I'll land?

You don't, and that's what makes you doubt,
You do not trust the Lord!
No one will enter heaven's grace,
Deserving a reward.

Not one of us is clean, you see.
And yet, we are redeemed.
We don't know who will rise or fall,
No matter how life seemed.

So don't believe the worst for me.
My faith has stood its ground!
There's no reason to be sorry!
I know where I am bound.

It is I who should be sorry,
For those left stranded here,
In a world so filled with struggle,
And futures so unclear.

Cancer won't be the end of me,
My fate is well in hand.
I'll carry on in flesh or soul,
Exactly as God planned.

So if you say a prayer for me,
Pray: "Lord, thy will be done."
For such a prayer is filled with faith,
And cannot be undone!

Just bow your head and say the words,
Believe God knows the way.
"I trust you Lord, thy will be done!
In Jesus name I pray."


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    by ilgrl

    Love It Very moving!!