The Exception

by Mark Spencer   Jan 13, 2016

The Exception
By Mark Spencer

I'm addicted to my vises,
I am immersed in sin.
I am good at acting righteous,
Before the eyes of men!

My acts are inexcusable,
No pardon can free me.
If you only knew what I know,
Then you would also see,

That sin is my anatomy,
It's the blood in my veins!
It's the bars on my prison door,
My shackles and my chains!

I've said these words so many times,
And I've heard them as well.
Spoken by those who think their road,
Is sure to end in hell.

But a voice firmly objected,
And spoke to me of sin.
The case it built in judgment's court,
Was one I couldn't win.

I presented my trespasses,
And my iniquity.
The evidence that I revealed,
Was sure to convict me!

I was called to be a witness,
And asked to take the stand.
A bible was brought before me
And there, I placed my hand.

Then all at once, a fog rolled in,
And visions filled my mind.
I was swept into a darkness
That couldn't be defined.

It was cold, but not like winter.
And black, but not like night.
There was not even an atom,
To cast a bit of light.

The voice explained that this is hell,
And I was overcome.
It's like conscious nonexistence,
Where all but thought is numb.

The voice said: "This is what it's like,
To be in hell's embrace!
Alone, with nothing but your sin,
Cut off from hope and grace."

Then, thankfully, the vision changed,
And everything got loud!
A man was screaming out in pain,
As I watched from a crowd!

I had seen this in a move,
But it was not this bad.
The glee with which each blow is struck,
These people must be mad!

Is this what Jesus had to face?
My God! This is insane!
Did they feed Him to piranha?
Was He hit by a train?

If there's a difference, I can't tell!
He is the walking dead.
And later He'll be crucified!
At least, that's what I've read.

But that just seems impossible,
He won't survive the whip!
He'll never make it up that hill!
With all that blood, He'll slip!

And then the voice returned again.
"He did this all for you.
But you claim it was not enough!
Do you still think that's true?"

"Should more be done to help your mind
Alter its perception?
Or will you argue once again,
That you're the exception?"

"Is your sin greater than the deed
That you witnessed today?
Was His sacrifice too little,
To wash your sins away?"

"Isn't that what you've been saying,
That His blood can't save you?
You've seen it now with your own eyes!
Have the facts changed your view?"

"The evidence reveals a case,
Built on misconceptions!
In reference to Christ's sacrifice,
There are no exceptions!"

"If you accept Him, heart and soul,
Regardless of your past,
Then He won't let your soul be lost,
Your light will always last."

I am conquering my vises,
I'm conscious of my sin.
I am learning to BE righteous,
Before the eyes of men!


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  • 4 years ago

    by Em

    Mark, though this is a long piece and it can be difficult to keep the flow, beat and rhythm on those this is excellent and everything is kept flowing nicely.