Damaged Soul

by Ciara   Feb 9, 2016

Suffocating, struggling, gasping for air
Screaming, reaching, but no one is there

Lock it up, deep down before it takes hold
Ripping & tearing & destroying your soul

Nothing you do can change that you are dead inside
No one even knows or cares that you "died"

They would never understand anyways
Why you are sleeping walking throughout everyday

You hide from the criticism & judgement
By pretending you are happy & content

They could never understand the pain you are going through
How you are screaming on the inside because something was taken from you

Once your soul is gone, you can never get it back
Fighting to keep your heart from turning black

Waiting for the time that its over & you are laid to rest
The day you find out if you passed or failed the devils test

Hoping to see a light shine through the darkness of your mind
Lifting you up, leaving your demons behind.


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