Its Just Business

by Ciara   Feb 23, 2016

If you haven't met me yet, you have not experienced my important job.
Its so important in fact, that it was given to me by God.

Its inevitable that you will meet me at least once in your life.
You are considered lucky if you manage to meet me twice.

To me my job is easy, but for you it could be hard
I am the one who will lead you into the light or into the dark.

All i have to do is touch you with graze of my light hand
And i will take you to your deserving and destined land.

Most are terrified to meet me, others are ready to go.
But everyone hopes that when their time comes, i will come to them quickly and not slow.

You see, i have a name, a name that everyone knows
Just as well as they know that heavens up above and hell is down below.

They actually know me by a couple names, to neither i contest.
One name is The Grim Reaper, but Death is the name that i like the best.

So when you meet me and feel a cold hand lightly touch your face
Dont be scared or resist, just let me lead you to your destined place.....

....I will see you soon, so dont be on the defense
You have to remember that for me, its just a matter of business.


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  • 6 years ago

    by Sheila King

    I like this poem. The message behind it all

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