She Said No!

by Ciara   Feb 9, 2016

She went to his house, thinking they were friends
Not knowing that this night, her subconscious life would end

She walked through the door & saw him standing there
A strange darkness was looming in the air

She brushed it off as her imagination
And she started a friendly conversation

He lured her to his room with the promise of drinks
She didn't know it was a bad idea, that's not how a friend thinks

After she entered the room, he slammed the door
She had no idea what he had in store

She looked at his face & saw the dark change in his eyes
He lunged at her & grabbed her arms, taking her by surprise

Before she could react, she was thrown onto the bed
Nothing but fear running through her head

He pushed up her skirt, ripping off her thong
She wanted him to stop, this was so very long

She screamed, "No! Stop! Please let me go!"
Within seconds her friend turned into a foe

She didn't see it coming, not a single flag was red
As he grabbed both of her arms & pinned them above her head

She struggled & squirmed & tried to fight back
As he violently thrusted & continued the attack

No matter how hard she tried, he was so much stronger than she
Fighting so hard to set herself free

He was being so rough, causing her so much pain
She knew after this, she would never be the same

Feeling so helpless, she spit in his evil face
He struck her with his fist, reminding her of her place

She prayed to a God that would never save her
Leaving her to go through this alone & continue to suffer

Giving up all hope, she went into her own mind
Retreating to a memory from a much better time

Waiting, which seemed like forever, for him to be done
Looking for the perfect time for her to run

Finally, he stopped & released her sore hands
Pushed himself off her so he could stand

She watched him closely as he left her alone
She jumped off the bed, letting out a painful groan

She situated her clothes & went to the door
Not knowing if he'd let her go or hurt her some more

When the coast was clear she ran through the house
Going through the front door, relieved she was out

A terrible six minutes changed the course of her life forever
She's now afraid there's danger around every corner

She told no one & let her monster get away
She blamed herself & was so full of shame

Even though the fault was never on her shoulders
She missed a chance to feel empowered

Taking him down would've been the sweetest revenge
But she felt no one would believe her, not even her best friend

All she could do was move on with her life
Even though, everyday, she would think of that night


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Latest Comments

  • 5 years ago

    by Allie

    This hit me hard. I've been there a few times. You're not alone and I know that's hard to remember at times. Keep up the good writing and I'm here if you ever need to talk.

  • 6 years ago

    by Allie

    You are right, it does sound like we have the same back story! I would love to talk sometime. Keep up the good writting!

  • 6 years ago

    by Allie

    You are right, it does sound like we have the same back story! I would love to talk sometime. Keep up the good writting!

  • 6 years ago

    by Sheila King

    I can never imagine the pain, fear, anger and shame. I wouldn't even grasp the situation afterward... unbelief. This writing is touching. I enjoyed it. Felt each word

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