Happy mothers day

by jamie baldwin   May 6, 2016

Happy Mothers Day Regina Lynne,
Award for all time Mom, for you win.
No questions asked, no lies be told,
You were given a heart of gold,
December 16,1980, a daughter was born and you became a mother,
Not long there after here comes another.
So strong and devoted you built us a life,
Just starting out as a mother and wife.
Trying your best to make it through,
Pretending all is good dealing with a husband who was never true.
A lier, cheater and drunk,
After so long your self worth had sunk.
With what little faith left you had,
With just the clothes on our back, finally breaking free from dad.
24, single mom of three,
All alone that big step had to be.
In a new town miles away,
14 hour shifts she slaved for hardly no pay.
Barely making it she juggled it all,
Never giving up never giving into the fall.
Solid and strong with decisions she made,
Built great memories of childhood that would never fade.
As her daughter, 35 and kids of my own,
Her greatness and worth i want to be known.
I am so blessed and thankful God gave me you,
Thank you for never giving up and always staying true.
I am so proud to call you my mother,
You are an amazing woman and could not ask for another.
You Regina are honestly what makes a mama real,
Dedicated her all, did her best and most of all made sure her love we could always feel.
You are appreciated Mama, and i love you more then words can say,
You need to know how wonderful you truely are at the end of each day,
Thank you Mom for giving me life and showing me the way,
This is your day to shine Mama so again, Happy Mothers Day.


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  • 5 years ago

    by Em

    This is beautiful but sad that things happened to shape her strength and all your futures but it shows you are all strong.

    A lovely dedication. The rhyme is good.