Never to late

by jamie baldwin   Jun 18, 2016

It wasn't very long ago,
that i lost everything and became a ho.
who would've ever thought id drop,
straight down hill from living on the top.
somehow me nor my babies was ever in need,
but i guess it all disappeared with my greed.
i hate to addmit i let meth take control,
with me in love and it just digging me a hole.
meth dug me a nice hole to escape reality,
meanwhile everything disappeared even my mentality.
there i was with only the clothes on my back,
in hysteric not knowing how i was getting my next sac.
my babies and their dad distanced theirselves from me,
assuming the lifestyle i chose they should set me free.
and instead of a family who loved me dear,
i chose to live my day's and nights in constant fear.
little did they nor myself realize were i was about to head,
here today i wish i would've listened to what he said.
looking back what the hell was i thinking about,
i cant believe i chose the opposite route.
running wild never knowing were id lay to rest,
desperate in need i soon became one of tulares best.
ashamed of myself and how i gave up so easy,
my pride slowly disappeared as i became even more sleezy.
so bad to the point i cared about nothing and no one,
to have become heartless and empty i searched for a gun.
buried so deep i never thought i had another chance,
until this man held his faith and pulled me from a trance.
it took me awhile to believe in love again,
but here today in love my past truly should've never been.
a one on one relationship is the life i live,
having someone beside you sharing all the love the two can give.


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