Together forever i still believe

by jamie baldwin   Jun 19, 2016

A piece of me is missing when were apart,
still through it all you ll always hold my heart.
when were together it just feels so right,
yet it seems all we ever do is fight.
i think of you all the time and cant help but cry,
i cant understand why you think all i do is lie.
no matter what i do you bring up the past,
and that's why our relationship will never last.
accusations you make push me away,
the fact is with you i wanna stay.
spending time with you is all i want,
but all i hear is 'you f**king cunt'.
things would work out if we were on our own,
and people would back off and leave us alone.
if our love is real why cant we do what it takes,
it was the drugs for the biggest problem it creates.
you and i should make our own choices,
and quit listening to all these negative voices.
we belong together just you and i,
side by side till the day we die.


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