Dear god

by jamie baldwin   Jun 19, 2016

Dear god,
well here is my plea,
ill give anything to be set free.
why am i so weak at mind?
my own person and ways i just cant find.
i tend to follow and obey,
for making a mistake i have to plan a getaway.
Cuz knowing the outcome if it ain't done right,
I'm prepared to handle the endless fight.
whether i feel its right or wrong,
through the years I've learned to be strong.
this person I've become i prepare for the worst,
it wouldn't surprise if tomorrow i was in a Hurst.
but as night falls i beg for you to watch over me,
for other people are blind and will never see.
really I'm a lonely and scared little girl inside,
but these feelings I've learned to hide.
good night dear lord keep me safe and sound,
let me awake above the sacred ground.


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