No doubt its love

by jamie baldwin   Jun 19, 2016

Well I'm in love without a doubt,
i had forgot what love was all about.
it sure feels good to have someone i call my own,
its unbelievable how much my feelings have grown..
its kinda weird being we have a past,
and knowing back then we would never last.
but after all this time we end up in love,
the lord must have had plans for us from up above.
i tell you whatever he did Ive never felt like this,
for even the partying and single life i don't miss.
I'm happy right here with Larry by my side,
and my love for him will never be denied.
now I'm not saying things are perfect day in and day out,
but in the end i know well be as one without a doubt.
i pray to god he will guide us and keep us strong,
cuz a love like this Ive waited so long.
from him being angry to his loving embrace,
i look forward to every new day i see his face.
i hope well be together for years to come and more,
with a life we built solid to the core.
my feelings and dreams are more then real,
i wonder if his heart from the past will ever heal?
could he truly love me after another broke his heart,
i pray to god hell get over her and with me make a new start.
as god is my wittiness my love will never perish,
and i promise for you and your love forever i will cherish.


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