Happy fathers day

by jamie baldwin   Jun 19, 2016

Happy fathers day Steven mark,
for you will always hold a piece of my heart.
i cant thank you enough for giving me something a would've never had,
a real man that i am proud to call my dad.
you are so amazing in my eyes,
at such a young age you wiped away all my mamas lonely cries.
being were I'm at here day,
been through what I've been through, why'd you even stay?
god blessed all of us the day you arrived,
making sure our lives were never deprived.
growing up i made it hard, this i know,
when all along your affection and love you were trying to show.
raising us like your own and never walking out,
you held on and didn't take the easy route.
not only is my mom, but us three kids were given one of the best,
28 years later who would've ever guessed.
thank you again for never leaving our side,
to the best father i hope you take great pride.
gold metal for all time most valued father , you win,
enjoyyour special day happy fathers day once again.


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